Story + Strategy

We help Creative Entrepreneurs increase leads, conversions, and revenue with StoryBrand messaging and a customized growth marketing plan 

“Clarifying our brand messaging and how we communicate with our customers…Game changer!”

Cat Golden, Nurses Inspire Nurses

Fact: People buy what they understand the fastest

The best marketing tactics are a waste of time and money if your audience is confused by your message.

Create a clear message for the right audience on the best channels so you have words that convert at every stage of your marketing funnel


Awareness:  Tell the story that stops the scroll for more impressions and clickability


Activation: Engage visitors with web copy that increases your potential customers’ time on your site


Acquisition: Get enthusiastic email opt-ins to build your leads list

Inspire trust

Revenue: Create non-sales-y sales pages that make it easy to get the sale

Loyal fans

Retention: Send timely emails that confirm your customers’ smart choice

more than 'likes'

Referral: Post socially sharable content

This Was a Life Saver!

With having zero experience in the marketing/internet world, this was a lifesaver.

Teri asked me my goals, we identified my target market and she got to work.  Looking back, I would have paid twice her rate knowing how much this helped my business grow.

Steve Johnson, Safe Haven Defense

From Stuck to Excelling

“I was stuck in a never-ending pile of things to help…

Now I have a strategic plan to move forward and excel!”

Laura Hauer, Green Castle Web Design

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StoryBrand + Growth Marketing Strategy

Words that convert at every touchpoint

Clear messaging + a growth marketing game plan


Get the clear and concise message that will be a resonant, brand-building  throughline for all of your marketing collateral.


Attract and engage your ideal audience with an SEO-friendly layout and copy that invites visitors into their winning hero story.


Gain authority with brand-boosting talking points, golden keywords, and topics for your blogs, podcasts, and videos.

Email & Social Media

Stop the scroll and drive clickthroughs with high-converting social media & email headlines and captions.

Put your story into action for maximum results


Let's chat

Book a free call to chat about your business goals, roadblocks, and the best strategy to move your business forward

clarity & Game Plan

Clarify your message and get a customized marketing game plan


Implement your plan and grow your business with words that convert

Story & Strategy Packages

Marketing Success isn’t Random

The truth is, even a clear message won’t get results if it isn’t in front of the right audience.

Maximize your marketing with a message that resonates and a strategy that converts.

StoryBrand certified guide

** A Note About StoryBrand Certified Guide Pricing **

StoryBrand Guides are, as Don Miller puts it, “The Best Marketers in the World”.

As StoryBrand Guides, we are vetted, tested, and required to maintain the highest standards in copywriting using the SB7 framework. You’ll find that all officially Certified StoryBrand Guides price the basic StoryBrand services similarly. 

Where we differ is in our areas of specialization…

Some Guides do Websites…We do Growth.

If you want words that convert based on data so you can grow your business, go ahead and fill out the application. We can’t wait to help you grow!

Just looking for the FAQs?

Here you go:

Do you do websites?

Nope. We do growth. But, I have a marketing Ops team that is Genius at websites. We can get you connected once your messaging is set because remember: Copy dictates design.

Do you offer a la carte services?

We believe in the “Savvy Ones” – 1 product, 1 audience, 1 channel. The packages we offer are the best fit for our specific brand promise – StoryBrand messaging + growth marketing.

I just want help Clarifying my message. Do you do that?

Yes. We will clarify your message and create a marketing game plan so you can communicate clearly throughout all of your marketing. Schedule a call for details and pricing.

teri crenshaw growth marketer savvy hype

Strategist | Essentialist | Guide

Hey, I’m Teri

I’m a certified growth marketing specialist and a  fifth year StoryBrand Certified Guide  and founder of Savvy Hype growth marketing consultancy.

We help you master your marketing with clear messaging and a growth-optimized plan for every stage of your marketing funnel so you can save time, make more money, and grow your business.