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AI-Powered Purpose Discovery

The Genius Thread AI is a cutting-edge assessment tool that uncovers the unique pattern of your innate talents, lived experiences, and core values – your personal “Genius Thread.”

    How it Works:

    • Complete our in-depth questionnaire
    • Our AI analyzes your responses, identifying patterns humans might miss
    • Receive a personalized report revealing your Genius Thread
    • Get actionable insights to align your life and work with your true purpose

    Unlike traditional personality tests, the Genius Thread AI doesn’t put you in a box. It reveals the unique combination of traits and experiences that make you irreplaceably valuable.

    I have a great service but was not sure how to package it. I was stuck in a never-ending pile of things to help.

    Teri gave me a strategic plan to catapult me to the next level.

    Now I can move forward and excel!

    Laura Hauer

    CEO, Green Castle Web Design

    The one thing I so appreciated is that over the course of our time together we worked together as a team to really go through each part of the business.

    Teri helped us uncover how to easily communicate our story with other people…Game changer!

    Cat Golden

    Founder, Nurses Inspire Nurses

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    Hi, I'm Teri

    Hi, I'm Teri

    Speaker | Strategist | creator of The Genius Thread AI™

    Think of me as part strategist, part energy optimizer, and full-time dream life realizer.

    • I believe life’s too short for blending in and burning out.
    • I believe in making every joule of energy count.
    • I believe there is a champion in everyone.

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