Teri Crenshaw

Teri Crenshaw

CEO & Founder, Genius Thread™ AI


Teri Crenshaw is a business and performance strategist dedicated to transforming inspired entrepreneurs into industry leaders.

As the founder of Genius Thread™ AI, Teri helps entrepreneurs unleash their genius, develop their personal brand, and build the business they were truly meant for.

Her no-nonsense, results-oriented approach empowers clients to achieve peak performance and lead their industries.

Recognized as a KNOW Women ‘Woman to Know’ in 2020, Teri is a former  StoryBrand Certified Guide (5 years) and BMS Business Coach. She is IFTF Certified in Forecasting & Future Thinking, and a Growth Tribe Certified Growth Marketer.

Additionally, Teri is a sought-after keynote speaker, sharing her insights and strategies at major events and conferences including:

The KNOW Women Global Summit

Candy Valentino’s Founders Event

Lori Harder’s Event Luv

Powerhouse Women 

FMI Guild


Brand Strategist Teri Crenshaw

Give ’em Something to Talk About

To inspire an audience to take action, you have to be BOLD. And, the truth is, most speakers aren’t.

Teri is a dynamic keynote speaker who brings entertainment, energy, and a wealth of knowledge to every event. 

Brand Strategy at Lori Harder Event Luv