1. Define your unique skills
  2. Amplify your strengths
  3. Identify a new problem
  4. Use AI as a tool, not a replacement
  5. ***Adapt! Constantly learn and evolve.


Start with Your Skills

First, list your unique skills. Over your lifetime, you’ve acquired a unique combination of skills.

This is everything you have learned to do for any job you’ve had. Make a list!

Now, review your list and figure out every possible way you can combine two or even three of your skills in new, innovative ways.


Next, List Your Talents

List your talents—you know, all the stuff you are naturally great at doing.

These are the unique abilities or gifts you have. What can you do easily that others struggle with? What do people come to you for help with that doesn’t apply to your job?

Combine your talents with your skill list.


For Every New Technology, New Problems Arise

What problem has AI created that your zone of genius skills and natural talents can solve inside or outside of your industry?

Example: Many creative entrepreneurs may be worried they will be replaced by AI.


Use the Tool That Caused the Problem to Solve it

You are using AI for content creation, but, AI can do so much more!

Revisit your list of skills and talents and cross-reference it with the problem list. What combinations of your skills and talents can you identify where AI would be useful to amplify, or solve a problem more efficiently?

Example: I created The Genius Thread™ AI to match entrepreneurs with creative branding and marketing opportunities of the future tailored to their unique genius skills and talents.


The truth, as always, is to adapt or Lose

If you’re worried about your business losing to AI, go back to your zone of genius. Your unique combination of skills, talent, and experiences may just be the solution to problems created by AI in your industry.

To your future success!



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